Sunday, September 22, 2013

DIY "No Tools" Headboard

The first project I took on as a part of my budget friendly guest bedroom makeover was this super easy, no tools required headboard. This can be made for less than $50 and looks absolutely gorgeous! What's really great about this project is that it's very versatile. Using the 3M Command Strips to attach the headboard makes it easily removable and does not damage your walls with screw holes. Also, I started and finished this project in an afternoon - instant gratification!! It really transformed the guest bedroom from a dumpy, plain room, to a room with definite purpose and definition.

I apologize for the poor quality of some of the photos, they were taken with my phone. I did this project one weekend when Aaron was away and had the nice camera with him at camp.


2 1"x12'x8" Pine Boards, cut in half (Home Depot/Lowes will do this for you at no cost) $29
Wood Stain, I used Minwax PolyShades American Chestnut Satin, $13
12 3M Command Strips, $6
Paint Brush
Tape Measure

*technically the last 2 on the list are tools, but I feel like even the most inexperienced do-it-yourselfer has a paint brush and a tape measure. 


At the home improvement store, pick out 2 boards (1x12x8) that are not warped/damaged. They need to sit flush on the wall so even the slightest warping can ruin the project. I chose boards with a lot of knots in them because I wanted them to have some character and not look so uniform. At the cutting center have an employee cut the boards into 6' long pieces. Voila! This is the only cutting required in the whole project... and you just got it done for free! Also, 6' boards will fit into your car way better than 12', I call this a win-win.

Stain the now 4 pieces of wood in the stain of your choice. I used the Minwax PolyShades because it's an all in one stain and polyurethane. Follow the directions on the can, making sure your brush strokes go with the grain of the wood. I did 2 coats of the American Chestnut Satin to get the rich, dark color I was looking for. Allow to dry completely. 

The boards are going to be attached directly to the wall with the 3M Command Strips. Find the spot on your wall that you want the bed to go up against and measure it in order to place the 6' long boards in the correct spot. I just centered the headboard on the wall so it was pretty easy for me. I made the lowest board start just a few inches below the top of the bed. Start with the bottom board, and work your way up. Place 3 of the Command Strips onto each board. I did one directly in the middle (3 ft) and one on each end, (6" into the board). 

Place the opposite side of the command strips onto the wall, following the same measurements. Follow the directions on the box to ensure that the strips stick. Stick the board onto the wall, matching up the Command Strips, apply a lot of pressure, the more "velcro" noise you hear, the better. Once you have your first board up on the wall, it's pretty easy from here - just repeat these steps with all 4 boards. I left about 1/4" in between each board (or about the the width of my pinky, I would place it as a spacer while attaching each piece). Once all 4 boards are placed, you're done! Now wasn't that easy!?!

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