Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yummy Holiday Sangria

Just in time for Christmas Morning! Try this delicious cocktail instead of the traditional mimosa this Christmas. I made this beautifully simple sangria for a holiday brunch & bottle swap that we hosted this past Sunday. It was a BIG hit and super yummy. The tart fruits and sweet sparkling cider combine to make a deliciously bubbly concoction.


2 bottles Pinot Grigio
2 bottles Sparking Cider
Fresh Cranberries
2 Granny Smith Apples
2 Gala Apples
3 Valencia Oranges 


Core & slice apples. Slice oranges, leaving rind in tact. Place sliced fruit & oranges in your sangria container. Top with white wine. Allow to soak overnight. Add Sparkling Cider right before serving to keep fresh & bubbly. Stir to combine & ENJOY!

This recipe makes a pretty large batch. I think we had about 15 people at brunch and it nearly lasted the whole event... we had a lot of leftover "booze fruit." I may or may not have eaten an obscene amount of said fruit after all of our guests left. For a smaller gathering just make a half batch... only one bottle of wine and cider each and half the fruit.

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