Thursday, June 6, 2013

Adorable Owl Monthly Onesies

In my owl themed baby gift crusade +Aaron and I may have designed the most adorable onesies ever! I've been seeing a lot of super cute photos of babies on Facebook in onesies with their age in months on them and then found a tutorial from Britt & Her Boys on doing them with iron-on transfers for a baby shower gift and from there the cuteness erupts!

For more owl DIY check out my "Owl Always Love You" Scrapbook Paper Frame


13 Onesies in varying sizes (Just Born plus 1-12 months)
Iron-On Transfer Sheets
Adorable Box for cute packaging/storage


I purchased 2 owl clip-art sets from Pink Pueblo on Etsy for $6 each in order to have each owl match and reduce quality issues from just Google Image searches. From there I employed Aaron to design each month in Adobe Photoshop. Once your designs are finished, you'll need to flip each image for the iron on transfer. Print your images on the Iron-On Transfer sheets according to package directions.

Pre-Wash, dry, and iron your onesies (I ironed each onesie right before I applied the transfers). I bought 4 packs of onesies in newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 12 month sizes from Baby's R Us and had 1 or 2 from each size leftover. I used the newborn size for my 'Just Born' and '1 month' onesies, the 3 month size for '2 month,' '3 month,' and '4 month' onesies and so on and so forth.

Cut out each image from the printed iron-on transfer sheets as close to the design as possible. Iron on to appropriate sized onesie according to package directions. Be patient with this, I messed up my first transfer and had to re-do it.

Roll-up your onesies so that you can see the month/image on each and arrange in your gift box with tissue paper. I found a really cute box at Target with a bumble-bee and "Baby" on the top. The box was a little too deep so I used two tissue boxes to fill the empty space and covered  them with tissue paper. It's perfect because it made for great wrapping (we added a pink bow!) and cute storage for the onesies themselves!

This gift got the biggest "Ooos & Awes" from the crowd at the baby shower - even the guys thought they were super cute. I can't wait to make a boy version... I'm thinking trucks and back-hoes? Maybe monkeys? So friends... who's going to be the first baby boy shower that I get to go to - because I'm a little too excited about making the boy version!


  1. I am so stoked that you guys liked them! You'll have to have a boy next so I can make another set!

  2. Hi Amanda, I really like this, are you interested in selling them.

    1. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply! I've been very busy planning and hiking a long distance trail and I just got home about a week ago.

      I can't really sell the onesies because I purchased the owl images and there would definitely be a copyright issue there as I purchased the images for personal use.

      Also, it's a lot of work and I am not a screenprinter so iron-on transfer is not really the "professional quality" one might expect in a product that they purchased. If you send me an email, I can send you the files for you to print/iron on the images yourself!