Wednesday, June 12, 2013

'Owl Always Love You' Scrapbook Paper Frame

This is an Amanda Original Project! My friends have just started the baby making process so I've been really into all the adorable baby things out there. I was determined to make a crafty cute baby gift for our friends' baby shower this past weekend and when I found out that they've been leaning towards an owl theme, I went a little crazy! I mean, come on... Owls!! How adorable? For more owl themed baby gifts check out my fantastic onesies!


8 x 10 hanging picture frame
Scrapbook paper
Clear school glue
Computer/Printer (optional)


Use your imagination! This is a super fun, easy and affordable project! The only thing I had to buy was the frame ($6.99 at Target). I already had a large stock-pile of scrapbook paper from other crafting adventures. You can buy large booklets of scrapbooking paper for about $20 or you can just buy individual sheets for about $1/piece at Target, Michael's or other craft stores. 

The first thing I did was sort through all my scrapbook paper and found all the subtle and complimentary colors/patterns. 

Find a fun, large geometric pattern in a neutral color for your background (i.e. Chevron in a light grey). I used a square box pattern in a light brown/cream color. Cut this sheet to fit in your 8 x 10 frame. 

Cut your scrapbook paper into the shapes you'll need for the owl:
     1 body of the owl (large oval with a crescent cut from the top)
     2 pointed oval wings
     2 white eyeballs
     2 black inner eye pieces
     1 small triangle beak

Arrange them on your background sheet, leaving enough room for the "Owl Always Love You" at the bottom. DO NOT GLUE YET.

I used a computer/printer to print the "Owl Always Love You" at the bottom of the background sheet. If you're good at calligraphy or cute hand lettering go ahead and do it yourself! I was afraid my handwriting would look too bold and/or sloppy. I almost left out the text all together, but +Aaron is a big fan of puns and since this gift was from the two of us I decided it was necessary.

Once you've put your background sheet of paper through the printer you can VERY LIGHTLY glue the pieces into place. I only put a couple small dots of glue into the corner of each piece - the glue when put on too heavy will wrinkle the paper and be noticeable. The frame will hold everything together nicely so you really don't need a lot of glue, I promise. 

And, Voila! You have the most adorable gift at the baby shower! And it's hand-made and from the heart - bonus points!

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